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        Schedule Here * Please be aware that all appointments are scheduled in CENTRAL TIME. You will need to adjust for your particular time zones.   

  Many of the services can be self-scheduled on this website. For a detailed description of each category please see the “DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES” tab. This page present brief summary of each service followed by a Schedule Here button that takes you through the self-scheduling process. Again, please be aware that all appointments are scheduled in CENTRAL TIME. You will need to adjust for your particular time zones. The scheduling process goes like this:

  1. Clicking the button will take you to a page that validates that you will be scheduling an appointment with Mary Camarata. You will see my picture and the address of Late Talkers Consulting along with business hours and address. To continue onto the calendar you will, again, press the purple “Schedule Now” button.
  2. This will bring to a page that list the individual services offered. Here you will scroll until you see the service you want and you will click the “Add To Visit” button and see once again that you will be working with Mary Camarata.
  3. Finally you will see a purple button that says, “Chooses Date And Time”. This will take you directly to the LTC calendar and available dates and times. Here you choose a date and time that is convenient for you and click and schedule. Please know that LTC realizes that needs for parents and children can be time sensitive. If you do not see an available time and date within a reasonable frame for you or you have a need that is time sensitive or you have unique time needs, please contact LTC (615-866-9457) or by email ( and we will work to accommodate you to the best of our ability. We want to serve you and help you help your child.

Fee Schedule appears at the bottom of this page.

I. FULL EVALUATION: This service is Late Talkers Consulting’s (LTC) on-site evaluation. It includes an on-site evaluation, video analysis, file review, therapeutic play interaction, parent education, summary, question & answer, and a full follow-up consultation after the family has received their report. This service is scheduled via contacting Late Talkers Consulting directly (615-866-9457). 

II. VIDEO ANALYSIS & FILE REVIEW: Initial or RecurringThis service includes in-depth video analysis and a review of previous assessments, educational documentation, or other pertinent file information and can take place over computer, tele-conference, or in person. Families will be contacted individually prior to the analysis to determine individual needs and priorities. This service is initiated by directly contacting LTC or by emailing LTC to request this service ( The “Recurring”  contains all the components as the Initial analysis and is intended for families with a history of services with LTC via a previous video analysis or a Full Evaluation. Due to the previous service history, the existing file review component has already been completed. Once the family has made contact with LTC they can schedule their appointment using this link:  Schedule Here

III. EXTERNAL COLLABORATION & CONFERENCING:  LTC is happy to participate in IEP meetings, Schedule individual conferences (e.g. pediatrician, teachers, family members, etc.)or participate in collaborative meeting with others who are involved in supporting your child. This service can happen over distance via technology or in-person. This service is initiated by directly contacting LTC or by emailing ( LTC to request this service. Once contacted, LTC and the family coordinate their scheduling. Often times, if the collaboration involves a single individual or small group the following scheduling link can be convenient for self-scheduling: Schedule Here.

IV. GENERAL “as needed” CONSULTATIONS: Families can schedule individual consultations with Late Talkers Consulting on an “as needed” basis.This service can happen over distance via technology or in-person. Consultation takes two forms:

1) CONSULTATION: Standard lasting 60 minutes and

2) CONSULTATION: Brieflasting 30 minutes. 

Both of these services can be self-schedule on the LTC website Schedule Here.


  I. Full Evaluation:  $750     due on day of service          

 II. Video Analysis & File Review:  Initial: $250  Recurring: $190  

III. External Collaboration & Conferencing: case-by-case basis

IV. General “as needed” Consultation:   $85    Standard: 1 hour

                 $45    Brief: 30 minutes

In Services for Groups

LTC welcomes providing In-services.  In-Services for groups are arranged on an individual basis by contacting Late Talkers Consulting directly (615-866-9457).

  • All services, with the exception of the FULL EVALUATION, are billed on a monthly basis. LTC accepts credit cards or checks. Late Talkers Consulting does not bill insurance. Your receipt will include a procedure code and Tax I.D.# which families can submit to their insurance. Reimbursement by third parties varies with individual insurance policies. Please consult your insurance representative for any coverage questions.

LTC certainly understand the choices families must make. Funding opportunities and endowments are currently being explored. We do not want the cost to be prohibitive to families. We are presently looking into scholarships and the like, though they are not formally in place at this time, please do set up a conversation with this clinic to discuss particular needs and/or circumstances.

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