Welcome to Late Talkers

The mission of Late Talkers Consulting is to provide evaluations, intervention plans, long term monitoring and follow up in order to support families and their late talking children.  
A guiding principle for Late Talkers Consulting is that parents are the most significant influence in their child’s life. Our services provide parents with insight, knowledge, and a continuing resource of support so that they can provide the best possible environment for their children.
When parents have an understanding of their child’s needs and are trained to meet those needs, their ability to influence development and learning are optimized. As result, the quality of life for all members of the family, including the child’s, are improved. It is so important for families to experience the joys of parenthood and the wonder of the growing up years. Confidence in understanding your child’s needs and  your ability to provide them, improves the outlook for every member of the family.  Late-Talker Consulting is privileged to partner with families in this process.



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