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                                                   Mary N. Camarata, M.S., CCC-SLP





Bachelor of Science, San Diego State University            Masters of Science, Purdue University


       Hello, I am Mary Camarata, a Speech Language Pathologist with more than 30 years experience in language, learning, and related behavior. As  a former Assistant Professor with the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine's Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences my responsibilities included running treatment efficacy research in the areas of language, learning, and perception.  I coordinated the Child Language Intervention Program (CLIP), a nationally funded clinical research center in the area of child language and learning. My involvement with families of late talking children, along with my clinical and research experience, and collaboration with experts in the areas of child development and learning provided a natural avenue into my current endeavor. I specialize in mentoring families with late talking children, developing individualized support programs for families, homes, and classrooms, and providing direct clinical services to include diagnostic evaluation. I am also a founder of the Foundation for Families of Late-Talking Children, which for more than a decade has been disseminating and providing accurate and practical information to families. Prior to Vanderbilt, I held both clinical and research positions at University of California Santa Barbara, worked as a clinical supervisor at Pennsylvania State University, was employed by The ARC for early home and center-based services. My experience base involves individuals ranging in age from birth through high school, with a special focus on long-range support from early childhood through middle school. I am committed to disseminating the discoveries of sound research for the betterment of children and families and so I publish research in national journals (see Vita PDF) and present findings at national and international conferences. My dedication and delight is working with families, teachers, and children. I find the best outcomes occur for everyone when we work together, recognizing the individualism and dignity of each child, and the ways that our children bring joy to us and others.

                   DESCRIPTIONS OF SERVICE CATEGORIES                     Below are detailed descriptions of the four service categories offered through Late Talkers Consulting. If you have additional questions please contact Late Talkers Consulting via email (inquiry@latetalkersconsulting.com) or by phone at 615-866-9457. For additional instructions on scheduling and fee information please see the "SERVICES" tab at the top of this website. 


This service is Late Talker Consulting’s (LTC) on-site evaluation. This service includes evaluation, an in-depth video analysis, file review, play/therapeutic interaction, summary & discussion, and a time for all your questions. It also included a follow up consultation once the family has received their child’s report. The 1-hour follow up consultation happens over distance via computer. The Full Evaluation is scheduled by contacting Late Talkers Consulting directly (615-866-9457). It is one of the few services that cannot be self-scheduled.   

Full Evaluation: What should we/I expect?  &  What is the process?

           What can I/we expect?

Once the date for your Full Evaluation is confirmed, you will be sent “Welcome Materials” that provide information to help you prepare for your visit. The Full Evaluations generally begin at 9am. When you arrive to LTC the very first attention is given to your child. You will not be separated from your child and the highest value is placed on your input. Every child has a different temperament, interaction style, and window of productive time. All this is taken into consideration and attention is paid here first. There are varying levels of child participation within any setting and that is all right. “Evaluation” does not mean pointing to item on a test. Rather it means interacting, observing, assessing, playing, using standardization instruments as indicated, all in order to understand your child and how best to move forward.  Please be assured it is not necessary that your child perform "on command".  

Next, time is spent in conversation with you, in parent education, answering your questions and addressing how to best support your child's progress.  Facilitative techniques are described and modeled. Educational considerations for your child's particular profile are also discussed. Time is allotted to be sure you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have.  “Do you have any additional questions?” is the last inquiry you will hear on your visit, followed by instruction on how to contact the Late Talkers if you have questions that arise after you have left. You can expect the appointment to last approximately 3 hours. Though a summary of finding is relayed to you the same day, an additional, one-hour follow-up consultation is included with this service. The consultation can happen over distance via computer and is self-scheduled at the parent’s convenience after they have received their report. This consultation has proved very helpful in going over the report, reiterating the direction forward, and answering all those questions that come up after you have left the original appointment.  

Your appointment will be with me, Mary Camarata.  I will personally carry out the morning’s activities and follow up. Having a video from home prior to your visit is valuable assist. The “Welcome Materials” provide specific information regarding collecting and sending your video. Observation and analysis from the video adds information and helps in planning and tailoring the visit with you and your child. 

       What is the process involved in the Full Evaluation?

  • First you contact LTC to inquire or request a Full Evaluation
  • After having reserved an appointment, an email will be sent to you that verifies the time and date of your visit.
  • You must reply to the email to confirm your time and date.
  • After your confirmation email is received the "Welcome Packet" packet is sent to you with detailed information (maps, what to expect, lodging, video information, etc.) and the necessary paperwork will also be contained within the “Welcome Packet”.
  • Instructions for sending a pre-visit video of your child are included in the “Welcome Packet”. Sending a video recording is the family’s option, and not required.
  • You arrive to your appointment and I will greet you, eager to begin and get to know you and your child as we work together.
  • Based on interaction with you and your child, interview, video analysis, evaluation, and file review. This service provides the parent with a differential diagnosis, an overview of how to move forward, and initial parent training and instruction.


II. VIDEO ANALYSIS & FILE REVIEW: Initial or Recurring

This service includes and in depth video analysis and a review of previous assessments, educational documents, or other pertinent file information. This service takes place via computer and has both audio and video capabilities. This service has flexibility with regard to the “file” information provided by the family. Because family’s needs, wishes, and the prior information available for review often vary. Families will be contact individually to determine each family’s needs and priorities with regard to submission “file” information.

The information gathered from the Video Analysis & File Review is relayed to the parent during a scheduled consultation. It is important to bear in mind that although a Video Analysis & File Review provides valuable information to help you help your child, a differential diagnosis cannot be made via this service.

The Initial is intended for new families and the Recurring is intended for families with a history of service(s) with LTC. The Recurring contains the same components as the Initial. However, due to the families previous service(s) the existing file review has already been completed. Additionally, a monitoring componenet is added to the Recurring.  

It bears stating here that parents are the experts on their child and no one is in a better position to have a positive impact on language and learning. A primary aim of the Video Analysis & File Review is to provide meaningful information to parents and teach them how to help their child. Because accurate analysis of a child’s current language and play, along with systematic monitoring of the child’s progress is so essential in helping the parent establish an effective and positive support program, LTC highly encourages this service.

Video Analysis & File Review: What is the process?

       What is the process involved in the Video Analysis & File Review?

  • Families either directly contact LTC or email (mary.camarata@gmail.com) LTC to request this service.
  • Once requested, LTC will email the family additional information that explains the process in detail. Instructions for collecting and sending a video of your child are included. LTC will also contact the family by phone to discuss their particular considerations and requests.
  • After submitting their materials, the family is welcome to self-schedule their consultation via the LTC website at a time and date of their convenience.  
  • LTC will send a follow up email confirming the family’s scheduled consultation date and time.
  • The Video Analysis & File Review consultation will happen over computer with both audio and video components. This is straightforward and instructions are provided.



Late Talkers Consulting believes in collaboration. LTC is happy to participate in IEP meetings, scheduled individual conferences (e.g. Pediatrician, family members, teachers, etc.), or participate in collaborative meetings with other persons/therapists who are involved in supporting your child. These collaborations can take place over computer, tele-conference, or in person. Collaborations and Conferencing is scheduled on a case-by-case basis.

External Collaboration & Conferencing: What is the process?

      What is the process for setting up an External Collaboration & Conferencing?

  •  Families either directly contact LTC or email (mary.camarata@gmail.com) LTC to request this service.
  • Once requested, LTC will contact the family by phone to discuss the family’s request and make arrangements to carry out the actual collaboration/conference. 



Families can schedule individual consultations with Late Talkers Consulting on an “as needed” basis. This consultation can take place over computer, tele-conference, or in person. This type of consultation takes two forms:

1) CONSULTATION: Standard lasting 60 minutes

2) CONSULTATION: Brief lasting 30 minutes. 

Both of these services can be self-schedule by families on the LTC website.  (http://www.latetalkersconsulting.com)


In Services

LTC welcomes providing In-services.  In-Services for groups are arranged on an individual basis by contacting Late Talkers Consulting directly (615-866-9457).



















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