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                                                   Mary N. Camarata, M.S., CCC-SLP





Bachelor of Science, San Diego State University            Masters of Science, Purdue University


       Hello, I am Mary Camarata, a Speech Language Pathologist with more than 30 years experience in language, learning, and related behavior. As  a former Assistant Professor with the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine's Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences my responsibilities included running treatment efficacy research in the areas of language, learning, and perception.  I coordinated the Child Language Intervention Program (CLIP), a nationally funded clinical research center in the area of child language and learning. My involvement with families of late talking children, along with my clinical and research experience, and collaboration with experts in the areas of child development and learning provided a natural avenue into my current endeavor. I specialize in mentoring families with late talking children, developing individualized support programs for families, homes, and classrooms, and providing direct clinical services to include diagnostic evaluation. I am also a founder of the Foundation for Families of Late-Talking Children, which for more than a decade has been disseminating and providing accurate and practical information to families. Prior to Vanderbilt, I held both clinical and research positions at University of California Santa Barbara, worked as a clinical supervisor at Pennsylvania State University, was employed by The ARC for early home and center-based services. My experience base involves individuals ranging in age from birth through high school, with a special focus on long-range support from early childhood through middle school. I am committed to disseminating the discoveries of sound research for the betterment of children and families and so I publish research in national journals (see Vita PDF) and present findings at national and international conferences. My dedication and delight is working with families, teachers, and children. I find the best outcomes occur for everyone when we work together, recognizing the individualism and dignity of each child, and the ways that our children bring joy to us and others.

                   DESCRIPTIONS OF SERVICE CATAGORIES               Below are detailed descriptions of the five service catagories offered through Late Talkers Consulting. If you have additional questions please contact Late Talkers Consulting via email (inquiry@latetalkersconsulting.com) or by phone at 615-866-9457. For a list of individual services under each of these catagories, instructions on how to  schedule services, and for fee information please see the "SERVICES" tab at the top of this website. 


On the morning of your visit the very first attention is given to your child. You will not be separated from your child and we put the highest value on your input. Each child has a different temperament, interaction style, and window of productive time. We take all this into consideration and put our attention here first. There are varying levels of child participation within the evaluation setting. Please be assured it is not necessary that your child perform "on command". Having the videotape from home prior to your visit is valuable assist. Observation and analysis from the videotape adds information and will help us tailor the session for your child.

Next time is spent in conversation with you. We will also review any additional information you may have brought with you.  After our discussion and a review of the morning's evaluative work a differential diagnosis, prognosis, and recommendations will be presented. After that the remainder of the morning is spent in parent education, answering your questions and addressing how to support your child's language progress. Techniques are described and modeled. Educational considerations for your child's particular profile are also discussed. And, time is allotted to be sure you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have.  “Do you have any additional questions?” is the last inquiry you will hear on your visit, followed by instruction on how to schedule you follow-up consultation appointment after you receive your report. At the consultation we will have the opportunity review your report together, answer additional questions, and reiterate the action plan advised as you move forward with your late talker. You can expect the appointment to last approximately 3 hours.

 What is done prior to the Evaluation & Parent Education appointment?

            After having reserved an appointment with Late Talkers Consulting, an email will be sent to you that verifies the time and date agreed upon for your appointment. You must reply to the email to confirm your appointment.  

           After your confirmation email is received a "Welcome Packet" packet is sent to you with detailed information (forms, what to expect, lodging, etc.) to help you prepare for your visit. Forms can also be downloaded from the Latetalkersconsulting.com website.

            A request with instructions for sending a pre-visit video of your child is included in the "Welcome Packet". Sending a video recording is the family’s option, and not required. There is no charge for the video language analysis when it accompanies an Evaluation/Parent Education morning.  

                A file review is also included in this service. Many families are interested in getting asecond opinion and are concerned that sending previous testing to be reviewed prior to their appointment could bias that opinion. We understand this point of view. We do not require that you send previous testing prior to your appointment. There are pluses and minuses about sending prior evaluation results for review ahead of time and we leave this decision to the family's discretion. We do ask that you bring recent testing and school educational plans along with you to your visit. Then, after your morning with us is completed, the previous paperwork can be available for review, again at your discretion. There are advantages of seeing what is documented in previous reports.The choice is the family's.



Late-Talker Consulting welcomes the opportunity to analyze and measure your child’s language progress over time. Accurate monitoring of a child’s language and communication is essential to an effective ongoing support program. The Language Analysis & Monitoring is useful for parents, and is a collaborative tool for families and their therapists. This analysis is performed at regular intervals throughout the year via video-analysis and file review. The time intervals are individualized. Analyses generally range from once every 3 months to once every year. The analyses include: a developmental analysis of semantics, grammar, syntax, phonology, pragmatic aspects, and social use of language. 

Your child’s spontaneous language progress is charted over time at agreed upon intervals. Late Talkers Consulting will maintain a longitudinal progress chart for your child. In addition, suggestions are given regarding the next developmentally indicated language targets and/or area of focus. Families are invited to include copies of any current tests results. Current test results can be beneficial but are not required and including current test record is left up to the family's preference.

Video Analysis, Monitoring, & File review can also be done on a one-time or “as needed” basis, and requested at the family’s discretion.



Consultation and Collaboration is LTC’s most flexible service. Six customary options are presented on the "SERVICES" tab. Please choose the option that will serve you and your child’s needs best. Prior to your consultation appointment you will receive a pre-consult form to highlight your specific needs and concerns in order to optimize our time together. You will also receive easy to follow instructions on how to access our meeting.

Consult topics can range developmentally from communication, behavior, academics, and other related topics. Late-Talkers Consulting can collaborate with your local support personnel, give input and/or feedback on goals (etc.), and be available to participate in educational team meetings or other meetings.

Collaborations can be set up via conference call, video messaging, or when circumstances permit, in-person. Phone consultations with single individuals (e.g. private therapists, nannies, grandparents, Pediatricians, etc.) are also available and can be set up on an “as needed” basis. 

Please feel free to contact Late Talkers Consulting directly (615-866-9457) if you have need for a consultative service that is not well matched via the options offered.  



In this catagory, training in language intervention techniques specific to the child’s profile is provided to families on a daily basis. The lessons are gradual and work through steps of sophistication. The duration of On-Site Training is determined individually with each family. Because of the customized nature of this service details are determined individually for each family. Residence referrals for out of town families are provided; however final arrangements for housing are the responsibility of the family. These services are schedule via contacting Late Talkers Consulting directly (615-866-9457).


V. In Services

Late Talkers Consulting provides in-services to both small and large groups. In-services can be provided in-person or via distance tools/technologies. The distance technology is user friendly and allows live interface between the presenter and attendees. The in-services are designed for your specific group's need(s). In-services have included a variety of  groups from parent groups, professional groups, school, extended families, and more.



















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